Regardless of what you think about DJI’s new FPV drone – and opinions are pretty divided – there’s no denying that its pricey battery can take you for a pretty good trek. But how will the Command and Control link hold up during a longer voyage? And will the V2 Goggles still look clear? Nurk decided to find out.

Before anyone can rush to the comments button, we are aware that this flight is Beyond Visual Line of Sight. We also know that Nurk is a very experienced pilot and is responsible for his own decisions. But for the kind of test he wanted to do, there really aren’t too many ways to carry this out that are not BVLOS. Yes, you could have an observer chase the drone and radio information back to Nurk about any potential conflicts, but you can’t drive a car to an island – and Nurk didn’t have access to a boat.

Let’s see what he did.

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