The new FCC listing contains some tidbits, as noted by colleague Josh Spires, about an upcoming Mavic Air 2s. There’s not much information yet, but it does open the door to informed speculation on what that product might include.

When the FCC listings are released, everyone in the biz starts mining them for clues. What do the labels tell us? Are there any supporting documents that hint at features? In short, what is this thing going to be? All good questions, and the FCC filing offers only a few answers. We know, for example, that it will include an upgraded camera sensor.

And this got us thinking. What else might this signal for an upcoming Mavic Air 2 successor?

The name

Well, “Mavic” has been stripped out. And that’s consistent with a shift DJI began taking in 2020 when it comes to product lines. It has started removing those familiar names. So the successor to the Mavic Mini was the Mini 2. The latest Ronin gimbals are simply called RS 2 and RSC 2. And the new…