A new listing from DJI has just hit the FCC with the name DJI AIR 2S, pointing at an upgraded model of the Mavic Air 2 to be released soon. The listing comes with the usual documents and the important FCC label and location.

FCC listing

Label location

Taking a look at the listing, we can see it has the name “DJI AIR 2S” with an ID of “DA2SUE12011.” Taking a look at the label location, we can see an image of the DJI AIR 2S drone’s battery compartment. It looks to be pretty much identical to the current Mavic Air 2’s battery compartment, suggesting the change might be to do with the drone’s camera or internals.

FCC label

Taking a look at the FCC label, we can see the name of the new drone, DJI AIR 2S, with what looks to be a 3500mAh battery, which is the same capacity as the current Mavic Air 2. Below are the images of the label location and the label itself.

What could the upgrade be?

A few options come to mind for the updated version, so let’s go through…


Source: dronedj.com