Citadel counter-drone

Source: Citadel Defense

Counter-drone provider Citadel Defense is teaming up with Syzygy Integration to develop a custom solution for the U.S. Department of Defense and other federal government agencies.

Company officials say the new application “accelerates situational awareness and coordinated responses to uncooperative drone activity around critical infrastructure, national special security events, military bases and the border.” It will work with Citadel’s current Titan counter platform.

The solution—known as a Tactical Assault Kit (TAK)—informs security teams of unwanted drone activity and equips authorized operators to neutralize threats within their airspace.

“Combining Titan’s artificial intelligence, intuitive user experience and inherently safe countermeasures with the new TAK-based application provides a force multiplying capability needed by resource-constrained teams,” Christopher Williams, CEO of Citadel Defense, said.

He added:

“Citadel is…