This review is looking at the new DJI FPV, reviewing all the features and specs and what it means for you. The FPV is a revolution in drone design and boasts a lot of new features for an optimal experience.

At the end of this review you will be able to make up your mind if this drone is something for you or not, whether you ‘re a photographer, tourist or drone racer.

DJI FPV Introduction:

The DJI FPV is different from other drones, and here‘s why. Most DJI drones have a standard setup of 4 engines and a gimbal camera hanging underneath, when taking off it will give you any view from straight ahead to straight down and sideways, with the engines roaring above it to stay out of the view. Not this one!

At first view it’s already clear that the drone will fly like a regular drone but also at an angle for optimal speed and manoeuvrability, it is this feature that links with awesome flight possibilities for racing at high speeds trough the landscape in combination with the FPV goggles…