Local Nepalese company Prokura Innovations is producing drones to facilitate medical deliveries in hard-to-reach areas around the country. The company also focuses on the production of low-cost drones to ensure everyone gets access to healthcare.

Much of Nepal is affected by the harsh terrain or terrible roads, making reaching specific places a task in itself. For this reason, people have been looking for solutions to overcome the problems, with drones being at the top of the list of deliveries.

The company builds drones that are aware of their surroundings and are connected to the internet to allow all parties involved to track them and ensure flights are going smoothly. The system consists of the delivery drone, a mobile app to track the drone, a mobile app for medical inventory management, and a server that stores a database and a launcher system for the drones.

A spokesperson from the company shared:

Prokura Innovations aims to tackle last-mile delivery of medicines…


Source: dronedj.com