Latvian mobile network provider LMT has partnered with Dimetor to explore the integration of drones into very low level (LLV) airspace. The new partnership builds on an earlier one, which saw both companies validating BVLOS drone flights on a mobile network.

For now, both companies are investigating the theoretical and practical possibilities of using a mobile network to drive the inclusion of drones into the airspace.

Safety and communications systems need to be validated to ensure that drone flights occur beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS). The real-time transmission of data that makes the flights possible is a must for both systems to work correctly.

The companies need to answer whether the LMT network can handle communication between the drone and third parties involved in the flight.

Thomas Neubauer, GUTMA/GSMA (ACJA) Work Task lead and cofounder of Dimetor, shared:

“LMT, as a founding member of ACJA and very active contributor to the global interface…