Successful trial leads the way for quieter drone propellers

Researchers from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Australia have successfully trialed new, quieter drone propellers. The team working on the project managed to produce a propeller that produces around 15dB less noise than the current market.

The project is lead by RMIT‘s aerospace engineer and lead researcher Dr. Abdulghani Mohamed. He shared that the team used complex algorithms to create the propellers and combined the designs with the way human ears hear a sound to produce a quieter design.

“By using our algorithms to iterate through a variety of propeller designs, we were able to optimize for different metrics such as thrust, torque, sound directivity, and much more. We also formulated a new metric, which involves how the human ear perceives sound, and propose to use that in future designs.”

The team also includes members from XROTOR, which is currently working on producing smart drones for aerial surveillance,…