A ‘virtual joystick’ that allows viewers to feel, touch and trace the Brisbane river is a key feature in the latest artistic creation to be unveiled at QUT’s award-winning display hub, The Cube.

The new exhibition, called Trace, Touch, Feel – The Brisbane River based at QUT’s Gardens Point campus, is part of Curiocity Brisbane which is being held March 12-28 to celebrate Brisbane’s contribution to science, technology, innovation, and the arts.

The audience is invited to steer their own path in an odyssey that immerses them from the historical origins of Moreton Bay through the city’s centre to Wivenhoe Dam.

“It’s spatial art meets Steampunk and the Brisbane River,” says lead artist and co-creator Grania Kelly (pictured right above).

“Imagine virtually piloting your own journey with a Steampunk drone on a large screen and feeling a tingling sensation under your hand as you watch the landscape glide by.”

The tactile sensation is delivered through Ultrahaptics…


Source: www.miragenews.com