Abu Dhabi based Technology Innovation Institute (TII) is partnering with America’s Purdue University to research cybersecurity tools for drones operating in urban areas.

Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are vulnerable to sophisticated cyberattacks in their communication, navigation, surveillance, and command and control protocols.

The research project comprises four phases of development. First, it will carry out modelling and analysis of UAS security. Second, it will develop algorithms and methodologies for high-assurance autonomy. Third, it will construct an experimental environment and work to simulate safe and secure urban UAS operations. Finally, it will test and validate mitigation strategies in a scaled, mixed-reality testbed.

This three-year project will be conducted at TII’s Secure Systems Research Centre and led by Prof. Inseok Hwang as the principal investigator, joined by Prof. James Goppert and Prof. Dongyan Xu, all from Purdue.

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