Go watch this stunning FPV drone short film inside a bustling bowling alley

It’s been a while since most of us have been able to go to a bowling alley, but “Right Up Our Alley” is a new drone video that might just be the next best thing, thanks to an astonishing display of camera work and drone piloting skill, via Kottke.

The video, from YouTuber jaybyrdfilms, doesn’t provide too many details, other than it was shot at Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis, and it was filmed with an FPV drone. But the footage speaks for itself.

At first, it gives off the impression of a standard drone flight, with a bird’s-eye view of the building itself. But things quickly shift as the pilot meticulously swoops the drone inside the open door of the bowling alley, maneuvering past diners and waiting bowlers before swooping down the alley itself alongside a spinning bowling ball. Throughout the short clip, the pilot manages to fly the drone back behind the pin setting machines, down a narrow corridor of tools and parts, behind the bar, and even into the pins for a…