Justin Bieber’s latest music video, “Hold On,” appears to use an FPV drone to get some of the fast-paced follow and high-speed aerial shots– creating shots that would not have been possible using any other equipment.

The FPV drone is the choice for many of the chase scenes in the video, as it can maneuver in a similar way to the motorbike and keep up with it to make the viewer feel even more immersed in the video.

In a few of the shots, the drone has also been used as an aerial to chase shot, allowing the audience to get a full view of the motorbike chase while not having to ruin the immersion with a cut right in the middle of it.

The ever-growing use of drones, specifically FPV drones, in Hollywood is an important step for the hobby and the community. As the fast-paced never-seen-before shots continue to become a normal thing in videos, shows, and movies, the more everyone will want to include them.

This results in a knock-on effect of drone usage in productions…


Source: dronedj.com