DJI FPV Motion Controller

When DJI first briefed us on the new one-handed Motion Controller, we were confused why it wouldn’t be a control for all DJI drones. We respect that it launches as an exclusive controller for the DJI FPV drone, but why? The answer is simple, it changes the way you fly your drone.

All of you seasoned Mavic pilots out there are familiar with the two-stick videogame-style drone controller, well, the Motion Controller has no sticks. Let’s explore.

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DJI Motion Controller overview

The first thing you need to know about the DJI Motion Controller is that it is designed for one-handed operation. That’s pretty obvious looking at it. For those of you familiar with piloting a drone, you know there’s a delicate balance of controls required, often you’ll use two hands, and as many as six fingers working in unison to accomplish a delicate flight procedure. So, how can one-handed operation even be possible, particularly without any joysticks?