By Dakota Antelman, Marlborough/Hudson Editor

Tami White flies her drone, “Ralph” behind her home in Marlborough. (Photo/Dakota Antelman)

Marlborough  – Tami White regularly flies a dinner-plate-sized drone named Ralph over landmarks, sunsets and lakes, taking brilliant photos along the way.

What began as a hobby for White, a Marlborough resident, is now quickly turning into a successful business showing neighbors a new perspective of their hometown.   

“It’s just amazing,” White said in a recent interview. “…People get excited about it. So, I enjoy sharing my photos.”

Getting a drone

Tami White’s drone, “Ralph” hovers over the frozen ice of Marlborough’s Fort Meadow Reservoir. (Photo/Dakota Antelman)

Photography has always been a favorite pastime of White’s. Roughly four years ago, though, she took an extra step when her then teenage son convinced her to buy him a Mavic Pro drone. Whimsically, he named the machine “RalphMore…