The best cheap drone sales and deals for March 2021

Cheap drones have taken off over the last couple of years after the tech powering previously expensive devices dropped in price. That means more hobbyists are taking to the skies, and, thanks to a range of drone deals and sales you’ll be able to join them for less than ever before. 

While premium drones prioritise storage processes, RAW capture formats and super fast live transmission speeds, cheap drones can offer all the basic elements and some fancy extra features for a much lower price. Plus, the world’s top drone brands now offer their own budget lines to bring more professional quality devices to the mainstream as well. You’ll find DJI features several times on this roundup of the best cheap drone deals, with prices that would have seemed impossible just a few years ago. 

These cheaper drones usually offer easy take off and landing controls, 720p – 4K photography, GPS enabled flight modes like Follow Me, and flight times of between  7 and 30 minutes. However, each model…