The build quality and body design standards for DJI drones have always been exceptional, which is why the Phantom and Mavic series have been so popular.

What’s more, each new generation builds on that quality, and DJI’s use of materials always seems to take a step-up. Once again, this is certainly apparent with the small DJI FPV.

As you’ll see in the images, the design is remarkably different from previous DJI drones. The DJI FPV is more akin to traditional FPV drones, although far more refined.

DJI FPV Review

However, if you’ve ever used or seen an FPV drone, you’ll know that one of the key considerations for users is the weight. FPVs are usually designed to be as light as possible and are almost always, even now, imagined and built by the pilots who fly them.

While FPV drones are usually unique to the builder, many parts such as the flight controller, image transmission and camera are made by companies such as DJI.

What DJI has done with the DJI FPV is add a refined…