DJI FPV COMBO Blends FPV Flying With Cinematic Photography

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DJI just released it’s first FPV drone, part of the DJI FPV Combo that’s also the first mass-market ‘turn-key’ FPV system.  While not a purist’s FPV drone, DJI has once again done something completely new by creating what we would call a ‘Hybrid’ FPV drone by adding a 4K60 camera, ultra-low-latency video and forward obstacle avoidance to a high performance aerobatic quadcopter.

Creators will love capturing high-quality, cinematic video from an aerobatic flight perspective.  Think of the DJI FPV Drone as an FPV version of a Mavic series drone. It’s not designed for racing or the boundless freestyle flight we see in so many youtube videos. It’s not designed for long flights to capture aerial landscape photos. But it is a lot of both.

Instead, DJI’s FPV Combo is a ‘gateway drug’ for drone enthusiasts (including those interested in FPV) who haven’t pulled the trigger on a DJI product…until now.  With today’s launch, DJI…