Jumper T-Lite review

First rumors about Jumper T-Lite transmitter appeared in December 2020. The FPV community has long wanted such a compact and versatile drone controller. Our Jumper T-Lite review covers unboxing, controls, compatibility, user experience, and rivals.

In addition to the cool gamepad style design, T-Lite’s beauty is that it runs OpenTX firmware, which is the most popular operating system for radios. T-Lite is the smallest and lightest remote controller of Jumper-RC. Of course, the ‘Lite’ word covers some lack in features compared to the top-end T18 series.

Jumper/Makerfire T-Lite features

  • Gamepad style design;
  • Powerful STM32F205 MCU with OpenTX firmware;
  • Built-in CC2500/JP4IN1 multi-protocol RF System and optional external module;
  • Up to 16CH working mode;
  • Compatible with more than 50 radio protocols;
  • Hall Sensor Gimbals and four shoulder switches;
  • Voice and Vibration alerts;
  • Built-in 1.3″ status screen;
  • Removable 18650 battery and built-in charging unit…


Source: www.firstquadcopter.com