Having the best drone motors, ESCs and propulsion system on your UAV will give you longer flight times, exceptional flight stability and more precise flying.  A top quality drone motor will be quieter, have a better cooling system and will last longer.

Drone motors along with electronic speed controllers and propellers are all vital components within a drone’s propulsion system.  These are all critical to the performance and also safe flying of the drone or quadcopter.

Below, we show you how drone motors work including the components of a drones propulsion system along with their design. This includes breaking down the drone motor into it’s components such as stator, motor bell, windings and bearings.

We also look at Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC) and propeller design, along with how motors are kept cool. Along with motor design, we look at how the propulsion system is protected in various environments and weather.

Throughout this post, there are plenty of videos to further…


Source: www.dronezon.com