These 5 UNESCO sites filmed by drones will leave you breathless.  These magnificent aerial videos  are of the Guilin Yangshuo region in China, the Son Doong cave in Vietnam, the fortified French town of Carcassonne in France, Yosemite National Park in the US and Lake Louise Banff in the Canadian Rockies.

We’ve also included the sensationally scenic UNESCO drone videos of the Lake District, Cumbria in the UK and Lavaux in Switzerland.

Drone videos really show us how beautiful planet Earth is.   There are over 100 UNESCO sites listed, all of which are real treasures. Now here are these breathtaking UNESCO drone videos.

7 Very Scenic UNESCO Sites By Drone

Yangshuo County In China

This first video is so stunningly beautiful. It’s filmed over the river Li and the town of Yangshuo in China. The town is surrounded by karst mountains, winding rivers and beautiful scenery.  This region of South China has been designated a UNESCO Heritage site since 2007.  It is unrivaled in terms of…