Here are the best camera settings for the Phantom 4 Pro.  Whether taking photos or filming with your Phantom 4 Pro, there is a huge range of camera settings to choose from.

If the Phantom 4 camera is not set up correctly from the start, then the aerial film will not be high quality. It may take a number of flyovers to get the settings correct and produce the aerial film which you need.

Also, if the Phantom 4 camera is set correctly before and during filming, it will take little or no work with your video or photo editing software.

Below, you will find the best values and settings for the Phantom 4 camera. We explain what each camera setting does, so you know what needs to be changed in the various circumstances or while filming.

Along the way, we have some terrific videos and links to gain further knowledge.

DJI Phantom 4 Best Camera Settings

For access to the Phantom 4 Pro camera settings, click into the advanced camera settings, which is the icon under the red shutter button (3 lines…