Lightweight, simple to use and highly technological, this solution is based on the ANAFI UAV platform, which has been redesigned for professionals. In addition to carrying a 4K HDR camera, ANAFI Thermal incorporates a FLIR thermal sensor, a true reference in the sector, which allows you to reveal the invisible in an instant.

Thanks to ANAFI Thermal, professionals can view live thermal and RGB (4K HDR) images of surfaces, buildings or high-risk areas overflown1 and can act without delay or analyze the recorded photos and videos in more detail.

At a controlled cost, they collect relevant and previously inaccessible information and data, thus improving their return on investment, efficiency and productivity of their activity and this, in complete security.

With this unique solution, Parrot is strengthening its commitment to the drone segment for professionals and profoundly revolutionizing the way of working in a large number of industries and trades:

– Experts in civil security and rescue;

– Professionals in the building and public works sector;

– Energy producers and transporters;

– Organization for the preservation of the environment and animal species;

ANAFI Thermal: for whom, for what purposes?

ANAFI Thermal is a complete solution perfectly adapted to the needs of building craftsmen (roofers, insulation and thermal inspection specialists, etc.) as well as large public works and construction groups, photovoltaic panel installers, energy suppliers and transporters, and even civil security and emergency services such as fire brigades, etc.

Lightweight and ultra-compact, it always stays within reach, in a backpack or in the trunk of a vehicle.

For construction professionals, ANAFI Thermal allows, at a controlled cost and without complex equipment installation (ladders, scaffolding…), to obtain an overview of the thermal losses of a facade or roof for example.

Civil security services can, remotely and post intervention, monitor heat points and decide, based on the observed results, to maintain a team/material on site. Whether using 4K images or thermal rendering, searching for people in rugged areas can be faster, without endangering teams.

Energy suppliers and transmitters can identify a power failure of a high voltage cable or insulate a defective solar panel in a matter of minutes.