An authorized drone delivery service in Iceland

Still in a fantasy state a few months ago, the drone delivery service is becoming a tangible reality. While the United States was the first to carry out tests with the 7-Eleven chain of stores, it is the Icelanders who are transforming the test by turning it into reality.

One year ago, an Icelandic company, Aha, entered into a partnership with the Flytrex drones designer. The aim was to train employees in order to open a delivery service by drones. But how could a society have been allowed to fly in the city, knowing that this is often the problem?

Iit is the geographical peculiarities of the city that have tipped the scales in favour of UAV delivery service. Reykjavik is not easily accessible by land.

Drone delivery, a rapidly expanding business

The promotional video states:”Using Flytrex’s UAV delivery system, Aha now supplies products between two parts of the city that are separated by a large river, dramatically reducing delivery times and costs…”.

This allows the company to ensure a larger quantity of deliveries without the need for additional work. Technically, these UAVs are equipped with six propellers and their body allows them to carry parcels weighing up to three kg. Similarly, these aircraft can travel up to 9.6 km.

Drone delivery is developing everywhere, such as in Africa, where startup Zipline has signed an agreement to organize thousands of daily flights to deliver blood bags to remote areas in Rwanda.