We can now do a lot of things with drones and there is no doubt that there are many surprises left, such as new upcoming applications that we can’t even imagine today.

Watch the video of drone air baptism with the immersion goggles:

Dronestagram has long been focused on the “positive” drone usage, with particular interest to the image. Drone imagery values the beauty of our natural environment and shows us original and unexpected scenes. We also like the story told by drone imagery, through our various partnerships and competitions. For example: when drones help us better represent the damage caused by global warming, with views that only drones can capture.

To discover our environment with a different point of view, to visit, to marvel … Thus was born this idea: to propose “baptisms of the air” by drone!

drone air baptism

Drone air baptism, how does it work?

To carry out this zero carbon emission discovery experiment, we set up a lounge where we welcome the public on iconic sites (and if possible tourist sites). The candidates for baptism sit comfortably in an armchair, wear FPV immersion glasses [1] that allow them to see live and in HD what drone sees as if they were on board. The operator launches drone for a few minutes flight overhanging the site. The client flies over the site as if he were a bird, he can orient the camera with natural movements of the head and he can also ask the operator to take it where he wishes, within the limits of regulatory possibilities (specific authorizations, flight plan, no overflight of persons, no night flight etc).

After the flight, the client leaves with a flight book and a USB key containing the video of his flight.

drone air baptism

We have recently roamed the concept on the sumptuous site of the hotel SO Sofitel Mauritius [2].  The management of this hotel is particularly sensitive to the contribution of innovative technologies, and has played a key role in the partnership by opening us its spaces (on land and in the air). So we could take advantage of the exceptional landscapes and luminosity to carry out the experiment. Parrot was also a part of the project, putting at our disposal two BeBop 2 FPV which perfectly made the job, thanks to their handling, their simplicity of use and the quality of the produced images. The whole action was piloted and managed on the spot by a local video production company, Sar-Production, a licensed drone operator with a long experience in this field.

This experience will be offered to the guests of the resort during their stay, according to two formulas: included for Villas guests and for sale to hotel guests.


The result exceeded our expectations and especially those of the first candidates. You can see it in the video at the top of this article. This dreamy experience combining high-tech and discovery was so exhilarating and out of the ordinary. It allowed us to validate the concept, which we will reproduce and develop upon request.

[1] First Person View – Subjective View

[2] A big thanks to the management and to all the SO Sofitel Mauritius for their kindness and their collaboration in the preparation and the execution of this operation and to Drone Aventure for the setting up of the package and the organization of this day