Jerome Courtial, French aerial photographer, is one of our very talented dronists. He’s known on Dronestagram as jcourital. His aerial captures are just stunning, the prove is that two of his pictures appeared in Dronestagram’s Top 20 pictures of 2016. We wanted to know more about his passion for aerial photography.

Jerome Courtial
Sygiriya, the lion rock in Sri Lanka

How did your passion for drones begin?
As a hotel photographer it made sense to start offering aerial photography. But I ended up loving aerial work for me personally very quickly and never stopped since I got my hands on my first drone, in 2014.

What kind of drone do you have for the moment?
I have had the phantom 2 (crashed) phantom 3 (confiscated by the morocco customs) and now I’m with the phantom 4.

Jerome Courtial
Beautiful Koh Rong, one of the most beautiful island of South East Asia

Can you tell us about your editing process as well as what some of your favorite apps are?
I edit using Lightroom and photoshop and nik software. I always shoot bracketed to have the maximum information available for the editing phase. Then, I make basic adjustments in Lightroom and go to photoshop to change contrast and color balance, do some blending and manual adjustments.

What are the rules to follow in your country and what do you think?
The uk is pretty tough with legislations and only getting tougher. The general public doesn’t seem to like drones very much and I’ve heard a lot of stories of dronist being told off by passers by. I end up rarely doing any drone in the UK but will take it with me when I travel.

Jerome Courtial
Every night in Vientiane, the capital of Laos, there are free aerobic lessons

What are your favorite flight areas?
My favourite so far has been the Italian coast of Cinque Terre.

What is a dream location you would like to go shoot?
So many… but the Salar de Uyuni in southwestern Bolivia looks pretty amazing.

Do you remember what it was like your first time shooting from the air?
Yes I was petrified and ended up crashing because I didn’t realize the battery had gone flat! Pretty bad experience!

Jerome Courtial
Koh Rong, Cambodia

Do you have any tips or advice for aspiring aerial photographers?
Get a lot of practice but start with understanding the basics of photography. Just because it’s with a drone doesn’t mean you don’t have to understand how light works, composition and editing.

Jerome Courtial
Vernazza, Cinque terre, Italy

What photographers do you look up to and why?
My favourite aerial photographers are Dirk Dallas, he was one of the pioneers of drone photography and Gab Scanu who does amazing ocean views from Australia.

Thanks so much for for your time!

Jerome Courtial
Valensole, Provence, France