Drone girl: Meet Helene Havard

Helene Havard is a talented french photographer who lives on dreamy islands in French Polynesia. She was born in France and now she lives in Papeete on Tahiti Island where she has been working as a photographer for 6 years. Before, she spent 4 years on Bora Bora Island. Specialized in wedding photography, she collaborates with Flying world pictures company. The results? Beautiful aerial pictures of happy couples! Here’s the interview if you want to know more about Helene and her dreamy job!

Dronestagram's drone girls: Interview with Helene Havard
Picture on the beach during a wedding in Moorea with Flying world pictures

How did you get started in drone photography and why did it appeal to you?
To use of drones was for me the next logical step of what I was already doing when I was working as a photographer in Bora Bora. When I was working on this island I began to take photos from above using pontoon and deck. It gave me the opportunity to create images from another angle and that had a meaning to me. So, when drones started to be accessible I thought it was a great chance for me to take my type of photography to a new level.

One year ago I started to gain much more freedom in my work and I stopped to have any restrictions from others in my process of work. It gave me much more inspiration. At this moment, I associate myself with Sam who run Flying world pictures company and who pilots drones. In French Polynesia the use of drone require a certificate.

Dronestagram’s drone girls: Interview with Helene Havard

What type of drones are you using and why?
We began to work with DJI phantom 3, now we have got 2 phantom 3 pro. DJI company recently got interested by our work and came from Hong Kong to French Polynesia to make a video of our way of working. We are going to be equipped by the Inspire Pro 2 very soon.

Helene Havard and her first time

Do you remember what it was like your first time shooting from the air?
I remember very well. It was in Huahine Island and I felt that it was so unique. I realized all the potential of creativity that was opening to me.

 I really felt that the use of drone gave me the opportunity to create images I had in mind for years.

Dronestagram’s drone girls: Interview with Helene Havard
Couple floating in the lagoon of Bora Bora

What are the biggest challenges for female drone photographers in this male dominated environment?Men dominate this field, it’s true. Either it’s with a regular camera or a drone. I see photography as a way to create and innovate. Some male photographers think more that taking photos is a business rather than an art. In my personal life, I am surrounded by male photographers that gave me the key to go higher in my art process of creation rather than make me feel that they dominate a situation. Also I teamed up with a man which give me the chance to associate 2 differences: sensitivity with the technic.

How is it to be in the business with drones?
I am specialized in wedding photography. I never thought I would be, but after a few years in this field I understood that it had a personal meaning to me. Things happen for a reason 😉

Dronestagram’s drone girls: Interview with Helene Havard
Huahine, recently appeared in top 20 of 2016!

What’s your favorite shooting location?
Everywhere, I think you can find beauty in every place.

Favorite aerial picture

Dronestagram’s drone girls: Interview with Helene Havard
From all her work, Helene Havard’s favorite picture is this one Moorea. We can see the happy married couple, the bride and groom are on each side.

What do you like to do when you are not taking photos?
I like to create, so recently I have began to learn videography with my associate Flying world pictures. That’s my new source of creativity.

Thank you Helene