Dear dronists have you already heard about SpaceDroner ?
SpaceDroner is the biggest drones leisure center in France!

Do you live in France or planning to visit ? Do you like drones & having fun ? Then surely don’t miss it !
Recently opened, SpaceDroner center located in Aucamville, the suburbs of Toulouse, offers initiation sessions, races and indoor drones battles.


Being a drone pilot might be fun, but it’s also highly challenging! The possible obstacles are the regulation of flights and the cost of acquisition. Passionate and professional pilot, Henri Garih decided to open SpaceDroner, the first center of leisure in France dedicated to the practice of the drone indoors. Initiation trail, combat zone, racing circuits of drones and cars … there is something for everyone.


Drones arouse a real enthusiasm: their sales soar every year, going from 100 000 drones sold in France in 2014 to nearly 300 000 by 2015. Flight regulations are strict, and it is not always easy to fly wherever you want. That’s why SpaceDroner has decided to open his door to pilots and beginners. In the Aucamville complex,  you can benefit from 1500 m2 on the ground and 8 000 m3 for your drones.


SpaceDroner is a rare bird in the landscape of traditional leisure centers. In an industrial atmosphere, SpaceDroner proposes since October 13 these three drone activities:

PRACTICE: an initiation course to learn how to maneuver his drone, or just have fun,
BATTLE: three battle zones where the goal is to drop the opponent’s aircraft on the ground,
RACE: a race of speed on paths marked by obstacles.

Finally, SpaceDroner also offers a car racing circuit for those who prefer land vehicles … but also for the little ones!

facebook-spacedronerWe wanted to know a little bit more about this project, his creator and his passion for drones. So we asked him few questions!

Interview with SpaceDroner’s CEO Henri Garih

648x0Hello Henri, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hello, my name is Henri, I’m a doctor in aeronautics. I am drone professional pilot and I would like to share my passion with public.

How did you get into drones?
My engineering studies and then my doctorate pushed me to create drones to apply my theoretical knowledge. It became my passion. Indeed, the possibilities are endless but the legislation and safety is a secure place to fly has become indispensable.

14516386_1702111766776308_4184685562112653507_nHow did you get the idea to create SpaceDroner?
I wanted to take a “small” 300m2 hangar to provide training, make my own drones and test them, legally protected. And it occurred to me to take a larger hangar to democratize piloting drones.

What advice or tips would you give others who want to get started flying drones?
The main advice is to know the laws and to respect them, if it’s not the case, an accident can happened very quickly and can be very serious. The second tip is to master the drone and to do this, come and train at SpaceDroner. 🙂

What is your vision of the drones in 20 years?
In 20 years, drones will invaded all spheres of life and also professional life. We will have drones that will deliver our packages, drones extinguish fires, drones connected to autonomous cars …. Drones are becoming safer and more reliable which will allow the legislation to allow more activities to drones. They will also become more specialized to meet each specific requests.

Thank you Henri!