Dear dronists!

Thank you all for capturing the beauty of Earth!
We prepared for you the best 10 pictures of fall, as it 
is such a beautiful season!
Hoodies, bonfires, warm drinks, crisp air…and of course dronesThe forests are ablaze with rich yellows, deep russets, and fiery reds. It’s even more spectacular with a bird’s eye view, and drones provide a unique perspective of these colors.

By the time, winter arrives and the trees lose their leaves, the social network Dronestagram invites you to enjoy of the beauty of fall! Canada, USA, Spain, Germany, Romania, Lithuania, Denmark, Sweden…

What does autumn look like where you live? Capture the most beautiful landscapes! We are looking forward to see all your pictures and videos!

Enjoy & keep on flying!

My daughter and her best friend in a clearing in a forrest, bright yellow in fall foilage.

best fall pictures
Halland Forest, Sweden by
best fall images
Bogata Forest, Romania by deepbluero
best autumn pictures
Autumn by the river Susaa, Denmark by mbernholdt
fall pictures
Autumn has started, Lithuania by Vaidas
best fall pictures
Kalbyris Forest, Denmark by Mbernholdt
best fall pictures
Kloevensteen Forrest, Hamburg-Rissen, Germany by Raider
best fall pictures
Autumn in Lithuania by Vaidas
best fall pictures
Northern Ontario, Canada by Opspeculate
best fall pictures
Moose Mountain, Ontario, Canada by Opspeculate

Old trees reveal their Fall colors among pine forests.

best fall pictures
Amurrio Mountains, Basque country, Spain by Santiyaniz