Dronestagram presents Felipe Lima: the winner of the Yuneec Breeze Contest

Felipe Lima, a 32 years old Brazilian aerial photographer, known on Dronestagram as  felipelimafilm is one of our very talented dronists. He’s the winner of the Yunnec Breeze contest (most liked picture) with his dronie picture ”Dedo de Deus” with more than one thousand likes! 

Felipe is also a professional videomaker, film and photo producer for the internet and local television. He currently lives in his hometown, João Pessoa, the capital of Paraiba, which is a state in the Northeast of Brazil.
We wanted to know more about Felipe and his passion for aerial photography.

Felipe’s winning dronie ”Dedo de Deus, Coqueirinho, Brazil” 

Felipe Lima
Dedo de Deus, Coqueirinho, Brazil

Can you tell everyone a little bit more about your winning dronie?
Dedo de Deus or God’s Finger in english is a tourist point at the Coqueirinho’s Beach localized in the city Conde of the State Paraíba. It is on the top and we can see the whole coast from there. An incredible view. Access is not easy, but worth it go to there. Where I and my friends went to do some photos for a job and of course, we take to make this selfie. I used a Dji Phantom 3 professional, took in DNG Raw.

How do you feel winning this competition?
Words cannot explain how happy I am. I spent over a week asking people to like the photo and sharing my work. Winning this prize is priceless.

Felipe Lima
Buildings, Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil

How did you get into drones?
I have been working with film and photography for a while now, when the first commercial drones arrived I got interested and in the end of 2014 I got one. Since then it has been a major part of my work.

I love to fly with drones. Drones are part of my life and my work.

Can you tell us about your gear and drone setup?
Currently, I have a DJI Phantom 4, but I’ve used older versions like the Phantom 2 with Zenmuse h33d and GoPro 3+ and 4.

So what appeals to you about aerial photography?
Everything. It’s a different point of view, so much different from the ground. I usually search for the perfect angle just as I would do with a camera in my hands.

Felipe Lima

Do you remember what it was like your first time shooting from the air?
Of course. I will never forget the first time I used it. Everything was new like flying, find the right frame and take the shot. It was so different.

Are there any places you wish you could photograph from the air?
Absolutely. There are thousands of places that I would love to shoot with a drone. My favourite one would be the Valle Nevado in Chile. I would love to go there with my drone.

Felipe Lima
Barra de Camaratuba

What inspires you?
All the natural beauty of our planet. The sun, the sky, I love to shoot during the sunset.

Brazil & drone rules

You live in Brazil, what are the rules to follow in your country and what do you think of them?
Currently in Brazil we don’t have some strict laws about shooting with drones, we have some basic guidelines from ANAC (Agencia Nacional de Aviaçao Civil). Drones up to 25kg (55 pounds) are not allowed to go above 400ft. They have to be at least above 30m from the top of the buildings. You can’t fly in airport areas, you have to be at least 10km from them.

Felipe Lima
Big Old Farm, Borborema, Paraiba, Brazil

In your opinion what will drone technology look like in the future?
I believe we’ve just started the drone generation. Even though we’re very advanced this is just the beginning, it will never stop.

I believe we are only at the beginning of the generation of drones.

Felipe Lima
Cristo Redentor, Itaporanga, Paraiba, Brazil

What do you like to do when you are not taking photos?
I really love riding my bike, watching movies and going out with friends. And shooting and editing photos, of course.

Thanks so much for for your time, is there anything else that you would like to add or share?
Thank you. I believe we have to always try and improve ourselves professionally. There’s so much knowledge out there and new techniques to develop. And above everything else, we should always remember to never stop dreaming.