Snímka obrazovky 2016-07-14 o 18.56.55Well, win a drone photo contest is always a unique experience. Knowing that your work is chosen from  hundreds and hundreds of others and experts is a source of great personal satisfaction. Photography is more than a passion, it is a way of communicate, to convey my emotions. Having  a reserved character is a great way to express myself.

Drone picture of basilica
It was the day after Christmas 2015, my girlfriend and I, after a lovely lunch at my parents’ home which is in beautiful Umbria, we decided to go for a walk in Assisi.
It was a foggy day, nonetheless I decided to go up in the sky to see more from above, and after the drone came out from the clouds the view was spectacular and got me completely astonished and, without breathing, I had the time to take some shoots before the sun went down and the cloud got higher hiding everything.

When did your passion for the drones begin?
I saw it for the first time by a friend of mine and I was impressed by technology and the potential of this instrument.

What kind of drone do you have for the moment?
I have a 3 Phantom Professional.

What are your favorite flight areas?
Italy is a extraordinary country from a photographic point of view, art, nature, and sea and mountain landscapes, architecture of every age … You just have to choose what to photograph! Unfortunately, the laws regarding drones are very very restrictive and you can’t fly freely. I welcome the adoption of the directive aiming to introduce new rules about this… but you can imagine how could be  magical to fly freely over the skies of Rome, Florence or Venice?

What areas of the world would you like to explore with your drone in the future?
If I could, I would spend most of my time with drone and my camera equipments around the world. Australia’s cliffs, the limitless plains of Africa, the mountains of South America, the architectures of Europe …I brought the drone with me in a fantastic diving holiday at Maldives , flying on those beautiful atolls between dives was an incredible experience, clear crystal  waters and white beaches, lush nature … I can’t wait to repeat the same thing in Mauritius !!

Snímka obrazovky 2016-07-14 o 18.52.39I’m really proud of this win, mainly because I’ve seen so many fantastic drone photos that on the one hand inspire me to go out shooting, and on the other hand and deflate me feeling I can never compete with some of those incredible shots I have seen on Dronestagram.

This image was captured while honeymooning at Cable Beach, Western Australia. We rented a 4WD and drove 8,000 klms around outback Australia with a drone included in our luggage. When we arrived in Broome, we booked a sunset camel tour which was a beautiful experience, and a great opportunity to get a new addition to a series of shadow images I have been collecting since entering into drone photography. I like the 100% vertical downward point of view that is so well captured by camera equipped quadcopters.

Todd Kennedy talking about his passion for drones

When did your passion for the drones begin?
My fiancée bought me a Parrot Bebop for my birthday early 2015. I immediately saw the potential and was soon adding go-pros to it’s belly to get the downwards point of view. By mid year, I decided I needed a drone with a gimbal mounted camera and have now shot over 1000 images across 55 logged flights and 8 hours of flying time.

What kind of drone do you have for the moment?
DJI Phantom 3 Pro.

What are your favorite flight areas?
Water/Earth boundaries. Where one world ends, and another begins.

What areas of the world would you like to explore with your drone in the future?Atacama Desert. The Bolivian salt flats. Ningaloo Reef Western Australia.
Snímka obrazovky 2016-07-14 o 18.50.55
I am happy with the winning, especially about the possibility that my photography will be featured in the National Geography.

Amadores-Gran-Canaria-Spain-by-Karolis-JanulisThis february I was on a road trip in a sunny gran canaria island (spain) where I have captured some aerial shots of one of the most amazing beaches in the world – playa de amadores.

Interview with Karolis Janulis

When did your passion for the drones begin?
I am in love with aerial photography for several years already, but I started fly drones in the beginning of 2015.

What kind of drone do you have for the moment?
I have a regular drone with factory camera on it. Not the gear makes the picture its us. 

What are your favorite flight areas?
I enjoy flying in my homeland – Lithuania. We have all four, very well expressed, seasons of the year, which awards the nature with beautiful colors and shapes.  

What areas of the world would you like to explore with your drone in the future?
Now I have a wish fly in the Iceland and travel in China. Also, I want to come back to still for me unexplored Canary islands.

Many thanks to all of you and one more time congratulations!