Drone Expo: Hey dronists! Age of Drones is coming: first time in Hamburg, Germany
Dronestagram is pleased to be a media partner of this great event!

Following the latest world trends, the first International Drone Exhibition and Conference is focused on Aerial drone cinematography. It will be host from 14-15 October 2016 in Hamburg, Germany. The show will gather worldwide companies from the entire Drones supply chain. Customers and end-users will meet in Schuppen 52, Hamburg Expo Center.drone expo

Drone Expo: the two day drone event

The two-day event will feature an exhibit a variety of drones and accessories for commercial applications in cinematography and photography. The first day will give a great opportunities. For who? Key manufactures, distributors, resellers of UAS as well as cinema and production studious. They will have possibility to expand business connections, and share working experience with each other. Moreover, all participants will have a chance to visit specialized conference. Also find out the very latest news and trends of drones market. The second day is open for general public. More than 60 exhibitors! There will be market leaders from Germany, Great Britain, France, United States, China and others. They will gather in Dortmund to become a part of Age of Drones Expo.

Take part in Drone Expo: Age of Drones Video Awards!

Age of Drones Video Awards aims to demonstrate the beneficial and productive applications of the drone technology as promising tools that aerial cinematography has to offer.

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