Dear Dronists,

The winners of the Lowepro Photo Contest have been revealed!
Thank you for your participation. From Nevada desert and Australia to the Alps and Ukraine, amazing dronie pictures have been published!

So who won the new comfortable and protective Droneguard Backpack 450 AW, specially designed to trek to any location, with your quadcopter?

Jury Prize: 
Favorite picture of the Lowepro Marketing department.Dent de crolle by MountaindroneDent de crolle by Mountaindrone


“It takes 2 hours to reach the summit of the Dent de Crolles, one of the peaks of the Chartreuse mountains overlooking Grenoble (French Alps). I hiked up at dawn to enjoy the beautiful lights at sunrise…
This sea of clouds was beautiful, grandiose and wonderfull !
It’s a pleasure to share this kind of moment with this photo”. Olivier Mansiot aka Mountaindrone, France.

Popularity Prize/The most liked picture:
Bakuriani, the Republic of Georgia by RashadBakuriani, The Republic of Georgia by Rashad

This photo was taken in Bakuriani. Bakuriani is a skiing resort in the Borjomi district of Georgia Republic. It is located at an elevation of 1,700 meters (5,576 feet) above sea level. At the end of December, we were with my friend in the mountains of Bakuriani and we went up to the top of these mountains. That day the weather was very cold – approxioumately -10 cold by Celsius. We had to climb to the top of 3000 meters. I was very tired on my way to the mountain and wanted to rest a couple of minutes.

Resad 2

Rashad Mehdiyev is from Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan Republic. He’s 30 and he’s a professional photographer.

Contributor Prize: 
The most active Photographer with a maximum of photos submitted.

Eric HanscomLas Vegas desert by Eric Hanscom

Eric Hanscom is one of our Top Pilot on Dronestagram: Interview to read here.

Thank you.