Dear Dronists,

The “Zeinberg landscape photo contest” winners have been announced.
First of all, thanks for your participation. So many beautiful pictures submitted and so much satisfaction to see one more time how Dronestagram’s community is talented!

The jury was composed of Dronestagram and Zeinberg co-founders as well as Zeinberg’s expert*.

*Zeinberg’s expert is THE person who interacts with every YellowKorner’s photographer in order to enhance the light and colors of their pictures. He is a talented technician and a key adviser for Zeinberg. At Zeinberg he enhances the pictures ordered from the Giant 100x150cm format. His expertise and rigor made our customer satisfaction rate reach nearly 100%. He is passionate about photography since his childhood, and he worked in this industry for 30 years.

Check out the Winners!

1st Prize: Fiume sesia,Vercelli,Italia by Fpdronevision
Fiume sesia

It’s now been a few months since I moved to Vercelli. By living here I’m getting to know the people, their habits, etc.
I’ve often heard strange stories about the river Sesia, apparently
in some areas, often shrouded in mist, the imagination is unleashed, and according to an ancient popular belief noises caused by ice that would split the reproaches of the souls of the dead, angry for the sins of the living. Others argue that the valley along the river, starting from Monte Rosa, is haunted by fairies, spirits, witches, etc ..
So intrigued I decided to take a walk together with a colleague of mine who lives here more time than me and so we went on a river.
It had rained that day, the sky was gloomy, but suddenly the weather seemed to change.
The gray that had invaded until then was turning into a beautiful sunset. Around us only silence, the sound of water flowing between the banks, the beautiful sounds of nature, and in front of us a wonderful sunset, never seen before.
It was then that I decided to drive up my flying drone to better enjoy this wonderful moment, which aroused in me a dance of emotions, until he found the right moment to capture the wonder.
Admiring all this splendor I could not believe those who inhabit its banks, which tell of violent floods, with roads and bridges washed away or invaded by avalanches of debris. A landscape so may not be capable of such destruction.

2nd Prize: The Emerald Near Næstved Denmark by Mbernholdt
Pine tres

The Emerald is a small patch of pinewood surrounded by mixed forest and a small creek.
The Emerald was captured on the first flight I took my Phantom 3 professional on a dedicated photo trip, after learning to control maneuver the drone for about 3 months or 7 flights due to horrible weather.
I had been spending hours after hours on google maps in satellite mode trying to locate interesting patterns and places, so I all ready had a pretty good idea about what I should expect when I arrived at the location. To my luck it had snowed all day so that the pine wood really stands out.

3rd Prize: Portugal, Ilha Grande, Paraty by MAZZA-FPV
Portugal, Ilha Grande

“This picture was taken in vacation time in Portugal, July 2015. I rent a car to run around the country with my family and when we go to discover the “Peneda Geres Park”, we found thos “Vilarinho Das Furnas” Dam. I always have my drone into the car, and this was a perfect time to use it. Free area, few people around, pre-flight procedures ok, safe to flight. 
This photo was generated with DJI Inspire 1.”


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