Tarsicio Sañudo  is 33  years old, he lives in Mexico City and he is the founder of Postandfly, a video production company. He’s the winner of the People Choice award of the NYC Drone Film Festival 2015 and of the Dronestagram and National Geographic Photo Contest 2014.

When did your passion for the drones begin ?
In march of 2013 when I bought my first drone a DJI Phantom 1, I purchased it because I wanted to be financial independent and when I saw the first commercial drones, it was really clear to me that it was the right way to start.

What kind of drone do you have for the moment?
I have a Inspire 1, F450, Phantom 2 and my first Phantom 1 (retired but it still function).

Which drone innovation-related topics are of greatest interest to you?
New cameras designed for drones like the new x5.

What are your favorite flight areas?
Every Natural wonders.

What image do the people from Mexico have of drones?
Very good. In Mexico, people are always interested when they see you flying. People are curious, in a good way.

What are the rules to follow in your country and what do you think?
There are some rules but not a law, in general they restrict flying near airports, heliports and above 400 feet. We need more insurance and follow some other rules. But it’s moving in the right direction.

In your opinion, what are the top three skills you need to be a good pilot?
Maybe all are not skills but: passion, creativity and a good eye (photography speaking)

What movie or photo are you the most proud of?
Video :



What areas of the world would you like to explore with your drone in the future?
Right know many places of my country Mexico, in the future Africa, Iceland, Indonesia, New Zealand. But  I think every country has amazing places to fly.

Any particular anecdote you may wish to share with us?
I’ve lost my Dji Phantom with a GoPro in a beautiful waterfall of Mexico Tamul  (Photo I’ve shared in question 8).  I returned two months later to fly again with one photo of Tamul I won the first Dronestagram photo contest so at the end the same waterfall gave me back a drone and a gopro 😉

Thank you VERY MUCH Tarsicio.
The End.