Dear Dronists,

You would like to attend Interdrone but Las Vegas is a little bit too far from home? Do not worry! Spain will host “Expodronica”, the first international trade show on civilian drones in Europe. The event will take place in Saragossa Fair next 24th and 25th September.

Expodronica will feature the leading drone business companies from Europe, Asia & USA with business meetings, a symposium and a speaker’s corner where the exhibitors will introduce their latest technologies in an up-to-10 minute. Be ready, a Drone race with the best drone riders will be organised, all in an 10.000 m2 indoor & outdoor area!


A Growing Sector

Why Saragossa? Because Spain is one of the fastest growing emerging markets for civil drone development.
The European Union, now working on a common act for the use of drones in the European Airspace, estimates that in the next ten years 10% of the turnover in the aviation industry will come from Civil Drone manufacturing. The Drone Industry will be worth over 15 billion euros a year.
On the other hand, the United States estimate that Drone industry will create more than 100.000 jobs in the next five years, achieving a turnover of $98 billion in the next decade.

The drone revolution is underway. Don’t miss it and go to Saragossa!