Good news! If you publish a picture on Dronestagram, an integrated module is now at your disposal to correct the rounding effect or “fisheye” of your pictures with an editor of several filters to improve your photos.

You may have noticed this: photos and videos made ​​with a wide angle GoPro camera type or similar have a strange tendency to round the straights. This is seen especially with the aerial images which appear in the horizon, which often appear exaggerated roundness. This is called the “fisheye” effect.

This is also what makes the charm of action cameras and accentuates the spectacular side photos and videos but you  must admit that it distorts reality and becomes boring over time.

To “fix” this, we thought with our technical partner Sedona a simple solution for users, and we have developed a small board on the site module: the “rectifier horizon.” Now, when we published a photo on the site, we have the chance to correct it using this module with a dynamic slide that rectifies its curves and perspective point by point (a numbered gauge percentage allows fine adjustments). Within seconds, a photo too ’rounded’ becomes flat and straight, and therefore more consistent with the actual topography of the landscape: no more globular lakes!

The Horizon Rectifier:

créa distorsion

With this new editing picture tool, it’s now possible to edit photos directly on the site with the following filters:
Black and white, Sepia, Hue, Blur, Sharpen, Saturation, Brightness


We hope you will apppreciate this new module. Also note that this type of module already exists, either in mobile apps, as extensions in software like Photoshop, or as software in itself, but its development in 100% web module has not been easier.

All the best and keep on flying!