Your attention please! The wind of innovation will blow very strong in a few months!
The amazing photos and videos shared on Dronestagram already give a good overview of the potential offered by drones in terms of images… But wonders never cease!

3 companies are about to launch the first drones that automatically and autonomously follow and film its pilots. A revolution in the world of drones and action sports !
Thanks to this new technology, Photographers and Filmmaking crews won’t have to risk their life anymore to bring back images of extreme sports !

Today we will introduce you one of these amazing projects : AirDog


AirDog is a Quadcopter that automatically follows the rider and captures the action using a Go Pro Camera.

“You can take it everywhere. Fold it down, put in your back pack and go wherever you want. Then turn it on, put on the ground, strap the tracker on wrist or helmet and with push of a button it will take off and start following you in desired altitude and angle,” explains Edgars Rozentals, Founder and CEO.
“We are putting technology that used to be available only for pros and rich into hands of every sports enthusiast.”

So when will you have the chance to adopt an Airdog? November 2014.
The price of our AirDog is specified on its webiste
It’s $1,495, but the pre-order price is $1,295.

Have a look at their Kickstarter page: